2009. január 16., péntek

Pictures from 2008!

Dear friends and family!!

I hope you will enjoy all these pictures. Most of them where taken in 2008... I wish I could put on one of each of you!!! But it`s impossible to do... I don`t own pictures of so many of you... You can help me and send some... I love them!
So may the Lord bless you and keep you in all you do!!
Love and miss you all!!

Thank you for all you are in my life!!!!
You can see where I`m now and where I will be soon! God`s willing!

It was a beautiful day... Slovenia.

Getting ready for Erin and Justin`s wedding.

My beautiful sister Anna& my brother (-in-law) Neil. I`m so thankful for them!

I can`t belive how big she is... Karina was 2,5 when I met her!! Time flies!!

My beautiful sisters Anna& Joy& David.

My kiddos in my room! Sarah, Leah, Sean, Hannah, Mikayla& Kara. Love you all!

Sharing at Kaposvar at a women Bible study!

Christmas time..4 generation together! Thank You Lord!

I spend my Christmas at home with my Mom, Bence my brother and Gyuri his dad. It was a blessing.

My beautiful Mom! I love her!

"Am I cute or what?" Hannah is so special to me!

I took this one today... My ring I got from my third sister, Erin years ago, a Bible and a heart that shows up from the sun!! His love reflects and never ends... ! 1. Corinth. 13.

As well taken today.... She is so beautiful and smart!!! I love her sooo much! Sarah, my niece.

And David today... He is adorable... he owns a special part of my heart as well!

Here is the other one...Judah. We went to Sopron to visit the Wilbanks there...His first long train ride!! I had so much fun!! I have the best kids in my live!!! So many of them!! Thank You Jesus!!

My Hungarian girls!! Marcsi, Moni, Vivien es Orsi!!

A little part of Africa, God gave me while I`m here. The Argaw family!! Yared, Gemet, Mekdes and Yeabsera

My beloved family!! Neil, David, Anna & Sarah!

My Scottish mom, Dot and Jim

And one of my adopted families...part of them... Niki, Joy, Phil and Karina...I can`t believe is been 10 years...

With my sweet David! I just love him!

Aren`t they cute? Sarah Lynn and David Koen... OOOHHHH

Christmas party at the Castle..Judah, Kara and Leah... They are so big!

Jeni, Lynn, Joy and me before the Christmas break.

Sisters in Christ forever!!! Gwyn, Anna& I.

Mom and daughter... My special ones. :)

On our way home from Sopron... Rina, Niki and Judah...They growing up so fast. :(

I just love this one. Smile...Jesus loves you too!!!

With Anna that evening when I found out I need a surgery... God is sooo faithful!!

That same evening... My sisters were there... Thank you God!!

My sweet Sarah!! ....

And her handsome little brother.... David!!!

aren`t we look alike? I love her sooooo much!!!

With my favorite guys in Nigeria...Prince and few more of them are missing!! Miss them though!

With Solomon at Glory and Brett`s wedding!

At Zita&Sarpi`s wedding with the kids...Sierra, Jordan, Niki, Karina and Becky..

I love this card I made for Christi& Jeremy... Love them

I wish for this freedom... to be child-like for God!!! Sarah and Hannah had so much fun!!

My first godson!!! Love that smile!!! It makes my heart smile as well!!

My sweet Bethel... Miss her and her brothers and all the little kids in Jikwoyi.

I just love her....and all God is doing in her heart!! Thank You Lord for my MOM!!

And her mom... My sweet Grandma. She is amazing!!!

My adopted mom... Ma I love you and miss you!

And my Pa... i`m sooo thankful for you!!!....MORE :)

My little brother...Bence...he is not so little anymore!! Love him!

Doesn`t she look like and angel? Thank God for her!!

... and an another one!!! I want to eat him!!

With Prince and Beth in Jikwoyi, Nigeria at the church

3 generation.... God`s ways are misterius and adventurious... Thankful for both of them!!

My dad`s mother... She is special to me as well!!!

Those little feet will take the Gospel one day all over the word!! David Koen Livingston!!

Love one another....Loving big sissy... Sarah and David

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