2009. január 5., hétfő

I can`t believe is over! 2009!???

Wow.... I can`t believe that 2008 is over... It seems like it just started yesterday. But it didn`t.

First of all I want to say thank you for all of you who are part of my life and blessed me in sooo many ways through this past year! Thank you for your love, your friendship, your care, your encouragments, your prayers, your support! Thanks for being the part of it in any and every way!

As most of you know God took me far beyond my dreams. He showed me and taught me soo many amazing things, and blessed me in so many ways!

In January on my way back from Cali, where I spent a great time with my adopted Family and been blessed by them beyond measure, God comfirmed that He will take me back to Nigeria this year for a longer time. Honestly I did not put to much hope in that... It did not seem to be possible, because I just got back, and I had no money neither the hope that I can take off 2 months during the summer, when we have the busy conference season here at the school! So honestly I had a time when I totally gave up on it, and did not even prayed about it! But He had His plan, and He worked without those prayers and heared the ones I said before. He has everything planned up perfectly and has His perfect timing... many times is sooo hard to wait for it though. Again... in that moment when I completly gave up, He was able to do HIS work. He provided a plane ticket again, through a family who don`t even knew me, but been obediant to His voice. I was just in awe and able to watch HIM putting every details into its places and found myself with Beth Steward on a plane on our way to Abuja on the 26th of June. He worked all out for me to be able to stay there for 2 months. It truely was one of the most amazing 2 months of my life. God brought me soo far in my walk with Him, I never knew is exists. He changed me and shaped me into someone He wants me to be and I know I never before was ready to be. I learned again that Isaiah 55:8-9 is true!!! He has different plans, but they are good...the best for me. So I got to know some amazing people and now really feel like they are my family... brothers, sisters, moms, friends... people who God used and keep using in my live! I`m so thankful for all of them and for all for you! (For more details you can read my blog-entry on my trip.)

I`m so blessed... I really can`t put into words how I feel when I think about it. God is soooo faithful and so good! He asks me over and over again to trust Him and not to look at the things of this word, but things of eternal!! He wants me/us to trust Him with even the smallest details of our lives. Not only with those problems we can`t handle or feel like is too big or too much for us and easy to give it over to HIM and trust Him with them, because we feel unable to solve them... but even in those situations, and daily struggles when we have the knowledge and power to do it, but we still give it into His hands and watch Him to do it! Let me tell you it`s HARD!
After I got back from Nigeria, I was soooo anxious to go back, that nothing else could take away my thoughts of it! Slowly though God showed me that He wants me to be ready but not anxious. Ready for whenever He calls me and tells me to go. I think I`m now. These past few months were the wierdest, many ways the hardest few months of my life... but the same time it been a big blessing as well, and I learned so much through it!!

So I`m still here... waiting on His perfect timing to take me back to my beloved Nigeria. Please pray with me, and for me on this. I still need some money and His perfect will according my support while I will be serving Him and His people in Jikwoyi.

Other big event of the year is that on Valentine`s day my beautiful nephew David Koen Livingston was born. He is sooo cute and growing like crazy. Sarah Lynn is a great, good, big-sister and loves him so much. She is adorable and sooo smart. Learning both languages and doing well with them. Anna and Neil are doing well... I can`t belive that they had their 4th anniversary yesterday! Time flies and I`m in awe of all God is doing in my life and around me!! He is soo awesome! My Mom loves to be a grandma and enjoys every minute she can have with them!

Beside these things He done so much... saw many friends been blessed and worked on, we had harder and easier times sometimes together sometimes we had to be alone... with God on our side and may feel His presence or not... He was there and held us up!! I love to see His promises coiming true in our lives. He is faithful and good!! I`m so blessed by all of you and by letting me see Him and His work in your lives!! Thanks!

If you have any questions or just want to talk to me, please feel free!! I really would like to hear from you!!

May the Lord bless all of you richly in 2009 and lead you and keep you in HIS perfect will!!

Love you all and thank you for being the part of my life!!


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