2008. június 24., kedd

2 days and I'm in Nigeria

Dear Family and Friends!!!

First of all sorry for not writing for so long. It really been one of the busiest time since a long time!

In the past few months way to many things happened and I don’t think I have the time to write it down and you don’t have either to read a book. J

The most important events were: God provided again everything for me to go to Abuja, Nigeria to serve the church there for two month. We had a great semester, I can‘t believe that is‘ already a month since it was over … one of the best ones I think, and during it the Lord taught me many lessons… few of them were easier the other were not easy at all. I think the biggest one is still to trust Him no matter what!

I had a chance to share at the women Bible study again at Kaposvar… the whole day was about trust in HIM! I love how He works out everything so perfect!

God can use everything!! Did you really know that? I got an earring years ago in Kyrgyzstan and one day we had to do some official stuff for the school at Szekesfehervar in the tax office. This lady walk up to me and makes a compliment on my earrings. We started to talk about it where I got it, and after few minutes talk she got so exited about all I shared that she asked for my name and phone# and told me that she is a journalist for one of the biggest newspaper in Hungary, and would like to make an interview with me… After that for 2 months I have not heard from her… and about 3 weeks ago she called, few days later she was here at Vajta and we had a 40 minutes talk about my life…. Mainly about the Lord… It was sooo amazing how all the answers went back to Him and she did not close up, or ignored them. Few days later the article got published in Hungarian on the http://www.mno.hu/portal/566691 side… for those of you who is able to understand this language of mine. ;) Since that she wrote me few times and she wants to talk to me after I got back from Nigeria at the fall….and an other girl found me on Facebook for info because she read the article and she going to be in Abuja at the summer for a month… God is soooo awesome!!! He can use everyone and everything if we let Him to.

So… I can’t believe it, but it’s true: day after tomorrow Beth Steward and I take off to the far land of Nigeria. It still seems unreal, but it is happening. Beth is here at Vajta for almost 2 weeks now, and it is a blessing. I almost packed… the weird changes in the weight limit at the airlines freak me out for a while. I plan to do some medical ministry while I will be in Abuja, and I collected and bought medicines and medical supplies for the trip… and then I found out that I can’t check in more than 20 kgs ~44 pounds. The aid itself was about that much. We prayed and the Lord work it out that I had to drop one of our Foundation Conference guest at the airport, I tried at the Lufthansa desk… and after almost 20 minutes talk, and phone calls the lady gave me extra 10 kgs. Bless God for it!! Now I think I can take almost everything He provided and most of my personal stuff as well! He is soooo faithful!
The main thing I will do, is being flexible!! But seriously.. Help in the children and women ministry, weekly visit the orphans at the orphanage nearby, try to visit families who come to the church, and doing nursing of course..

Please please pray for safety, in every way…
-For my health, that all the issues I had / have in these past months would be healed and fine while I`m there!
-Pray for me to be a great tool in His hand. And I can be a blessing in all He wants me to do!!
-I can be a light in the darkness, and a good example for all the believers!
-For His Protection from the enemy, form illnesses, infections, attacks!!
-For the travel, and all the bags and aids that the guards will have been blinded for us, and -let take all the stuff we have into the country!
-For unity with the missionary team there!!! Prince, Brett, Joshua and us girls!!!
-Daily overflowing of the Spirit, for me being sensitive for HIM, for His leading! And I would be able to walk in the Spirit and act in It!!!!
-For wisdom in making the daily decisions!!
-PLEASE PRAY FOR HEALING!!! I just found out that I have bronchitis in both of my lungs and I have to travel in less then 2 day!!!

Thank you soooooooooooo much for all your prayers, encouragements and support in every way!!!

May the Lord God Most High bless you and keep you in His perfect will!!!
Love you and miss you!!! And I appreciate you all sooo much!
Zak . 4:6, Matt. 12:34b

Love you all!!!!