2009. február 2., hétfő

News about Nigeria!!!

My dear Friends and Family!!!

First of all I really hope that all of you are doing well and the Lord is blessing you daily with His presence and you get closer and closer to Him! I want to say thank you for all your support and encouragement and for all the prayers you said and hopefully will say for me!GOD hears them all and because He is as He says He is faithful and will never give up on us!

I am really dying to tell you the news!!... The news is I need more of your prayers and support then I ever had before. He gave me the date on going to Nigeria!!!! I still can`t believe it or comprehend it completely, but I know it is happening... so please pray for me!!! I will go with an outreach team from the College and when they come back I will stay there for now it seems for a year and after that.... He knows only. Now He asks me to trust Him and not worry about things and all the "what ifs…” and the things will come...Matthew 6:33-34. He knows it all and what I have to keep before my eyes and remember in my heart over and over again!

So it means my time in Vajta is almost over and that thought is really hard to digest... not having my Family and babies with me for God knows how long!!! But He will never owe us, so I know He will give me others whom I can love... that`s not the same but...He knows all He has stored for me. It`s hard... it will be 7 years in few days when I moved here, not knowing even a bits of all the miracles He had done in my life during this time. He is good and faithful and wants those who are willing to do whatever He asks them to do!! Now He asks me to leave my family and friends and He will bless it hundredfold.
Praise Him for:
-His faithfulness, His love and goodness
-all He has done already and still will do in our lives
-opening the door for me to move there for this time of my life
-all the people -for you all!!!! - in my life who make it easier and more beautiful!!
-His past, present and future provision

And please pray for:
-my heart to be open and willing to do all He asks me to do
-the Spirit`s leading and strengthening through this transition in my life
-my Mom and family to see His work and understand a little at least why am I doing this, for them to be comforted by God`s peace and love
-my heart that it won`t shut off in this following 2,5 months for all those who are close to me here but really I could enjoy this time
-the ministry in Nigeria to be ready for me
-the ministry here in Vajta because it has many changes beside I leave it as well
-His provision for all the areas I will need to live there and serve Him there!
-the team which will come with me, that it would be put together and led by the Lord and be a blessing for the church and the missionaries in Abuja
-unity within the team in both ministries
-the new students as the semester starts tomorrow!

Thank you for everything!!!

May the Lord bless you and keep you in His perfect will!!

Love you and appreciate you all!!


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