2009. március 22., vasárnap

Newsletter 2009 February... and beginning of March

John 16:16-17, 2.Cor. 1:20

I know I’m late and I’m sorry. It’s almost the end of March and I did not have time to sit down and write to you!

The day since I decided I will leave to Nigeria on the 17th of April, the enemy does not leave me for a second peace… at least this is how I feel. God did so many amazing things and blessed me in so many ways, but the dark side is not happy with all the Lord is doing. In one sense I’m encouraged by it, because it shows that the Almighty God is preparing something big for me, and for the team I take for the 10 days outreach to Abuja, Nigeria.

On Valentine’s day my little nephew David Koen turned 1 yr old!! I can’t believe it. He and Sarah grow SO fast, I don’t like it, especially now that I will leave and only God knows when I see them next, along with all my beloved “kids” and families I have here in Vajta and all over Hungary or any other side of this world… So that part is the hardest right now, to prepare my heart to be separated from the world I know well. But the Lord promised that He never leaves me nor forsakes me, so I won’t be never alone, even when is lonely or strange.

For a week my sweet friend Michele and her fiancé Greg came to visit and had a blessed time with them. I love how God does with those little miracles. He knows how He can bless us… like this last week, my sweet sister Gracie and her family Tim, Thomas and Mila surprised me for the speakers week, even we could not spend so much together it was such a blessing to have them and spend even just a short time together before I leave. God is soooo good!!!

The team that God appointed for the 10 days outreach is amazing! I got the best girls and guy …they are the best because they are from the Lord and He knows exactly whom He wants to use during this trip… Please pray for unity and all the details we still need to leave in less then 4 weeks!! Pray for them and for their heart to be ready for all the Lord wants to use them for and all He wants to teach them on this trip!!

This past week was we call it “the speakers week” of this semester. During this time of the semester we have pastors and missionaries invited by the leadership from different churches, countries. This semester we had the privilege to hear some amazing teachings from Pastor Fidel Gomez, Pastor Thomas Powell, Pastor Alipio Amaral and Pastor Tim Warholic. I had the privilege to translate Pastor Alipio and during the women session Theresa Fidel. If you have some free time it’s so worth to listen to them. You can go to http://web.ccbce.com/ext/media/Speakers_Week_Spring_2009/ and able to watch or download them. Seriously if I would be the only person there even then all the teaching would be worth to be told… They all spoke to me so much… about trust, serving, surrendering, loving, stepping out in faith, walking in faith and holding on God’s promises He given me… mentioning only few things! Encourage you to listen to them!!

Yesterday… After a crazy, busy week…month, yesterday morning my sissy Anna and a girl from the Kaposvar church, Tundi jumped into the car, that Andi and Arpi lent us to go to Kaposvar and taught and shared at the women’s day at Icu&Gyuri Kolesnikov`s home. (they are the pastor and his wife who leads the Calvary Chapel there). For any of those who don’t know, that is the church I got saved almost 10 years ago. We got there around 9 a.m and had a great morning in prayer, worship and my amazing, beautiful Anna taught on John 15, abiding in Christ. It is such an honor and privilege to see her teach and be used by the Lord. God is the God of miracles and grace and love and impossible!!! I know the Lord has some BIG things stored for her and I can’t wait to see all of it!! We had a great lunch- all the ladies brought some homemade amazingness!! The afternoon we had some worship again and first Tundi shared about the Lord is doing in her life and teaching her and I closed the day sharing my testimony and all He is teaching me right now… Trusting Him and don’t look to the circumstances, no matter how things look know and hold on to His promises, because He is faithful and will fulfill them… might not happen in my way and timing… but it WILL happen in His perfect timing! So I try not to be anxious and nervous about all seems overwhelm me, but look at Him Who will finish that work what started in me and accomplish it all for His glory! So we had a blessed time with the ladies and girls!

Nigeria… We applied for our visas with the team almost 3 weeks ago, and because they want some extra papers from Nigeria they did not touch our applications yet. Prince has a hard time to getting them, so please pray for some miracle that the process will speed up and we will be able to get them, and not only the day or days before we have to take off! Honestly it’s really frustrating and the enemy knows my weak points…and that is the one, because I feel responsible for the team and don’t want the whole thing to happen in the last minute!! Other things, they have our passports and 3 of my team members should go to England for a weekend outreach this upcoming weekend and they need their passports, so please pray for that we can get them somehow.

The medical donations are started to grow in a pile in one side of my room! For all of you who gave anything THANK YOU!! I know the Lord will bless every single gauze and pill till the last piece. He has a perfect plan with all of it and He will use it! He knows all the needs and all you donated will meet the right need, I believe that! So thank you again! Praise the Lord for all the donations and for the donors as well!!

I’m blessed to see all the great people God put into my life! You are all such a blessing to me!!

May the Lord bless you and keep you in all you do for Him and strengthen you in your weaknesses!

Praise Him:
- provision for the team and me for the tickets to Nigeria
- all the medicines and medical supplies
- for His faithfulness and goodness He shown upon my life
- for the blessing of having His call upon my life
- for His work He done in and through me in the last 7 years at Vajta
- for His promises
- for been accepted by GO! Ministries and make easier my supporting from the States!!!

Would you pray with me for:
- His grace would cover me daily and be able to be open for all He has for me while I’m here and not close up to people!! Make the pain that this goodbye causes would be as small as possible, my heart to be ready to leave all my beloved people behind
- peace, joy and the ability not to miss any of His blessings and opportunities to be used by Him in the next month I’m still here
- finish my race well
- the visas for me and for the team as well, for all the papers we need or just pray that by some miracle they won’t even ask it anymore but issue the visas… against the enemy’s attacks… favor in the eyes of the Nigerian government,
- wisdom in making decisions what are the most important things I have to do before I leave and may God multiply my strength and my time
- next weekend I go home to say goodbye to my Mom and my relatives… for His grace and love, and opportunity to be able to share with those who don’t know the Lord Jesus yet… their salvations
- the medical donation… ahead to pass the Nigerian border without any problems and would be able to fulfill God’s purposes
- the team for unity and protection for the whole time
- prepare the ministry in Jikwoyi for me, and all the people’s heart He wants to use me to touch them
- for total recovery result tomorrow, when I have to go back to the doctor for a year check up after my surgery…

Thank you for all your encouragements, prayers and support!!! May the Lord bless you and keep using you for His glory!!

In His love and grace!!