2009. augusztus 1., szombat

The month of July of 2009!!!!

WOW…. A month passed by again, and God done sooo many things in me, in my life and around me!! He is sooooo faithful, and He is a God of Wonders. As we read in Isaiah 55:8-9...

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. “

Yes, His ways are way higher than ours… for sure way higher and more amazing than mine ever could be!!! He blows my mind and steals my heart and soul… and the same time blesses me soo beyond my every dream or imagination!!

I try not to write soo much this time… but put the month’s events into pictures and comment them… And if any of you would like to hear more, please let me know and I will tell you more about all God is doing… I know you get so many e-mails and sometimes we have no time to read them… So I will try this way and see how it works… Please let me know!! May God bless you and keep you!! In His grace and love!!!

With my girls and with Martha and Don Patten, Jeni, Sam and Solo… we started to hike the mountains close by more often… It is such an amazing experience… every time we have a great time of fellowship and prayer-worship together… and we always find something new up there… like just few days ago we found a small hidden village with about 10 huts and two families who speak only Hausa and a little broken English… Please pray that I can learn that language and be able to reach out to them..


We had a team here from CC Corvallis to help out the church. They stayed for 2 weeks and God done a lot in and through them. We are getting ready for Prince and Flo`s court wedding… It was good to see Amanda again who came last year as well during the summer and brought up a lot of memories of God’s faithfulness and goodness!!! He is amazing!!!


This is the backyard of the church when the team came …… and after they left!! God provided through them to build a basketball/tennis court for the church… It will give great opportunity to reach out to the youth and for our guys to exercise… Please pray for protection…I have some really vivid memories of an another court and all the times in the hospital because of it! J …


Because I was surrounded with Americans on the 4th of July… we celebrated it… It was a lots of fun!! That apple pie was one of the best ever… made by Niki and Jeni!! Yaaammmyyyy!!!

With Solomon we went to visit this Hausa family for few times now… They don’t speak English…but Solo speaks Hausa, so he is my translator during those times… It`s weird to be on the other side… but I’m blessed!! They live in 4 of those huts you see behind her… Pretty impressive!! Pray God opens the door to share with them and really that I will be able to communicate with them!!


Every week we have something new, some changes in the church… The beginning of the month we got some black paint and painted all the poles in the church- it was soo much fun… and they just started to do the floor in the church… level it, cement it and put tiles at the end… Please pray for God’s provision for that and for the finishing work of the ceiling. It would be nice for Prince and Flo`s wedding to have a nice floor and not having the guest in the dust… and just for the church members too, not to go home so dirty after every church service!! Thank you!! God is Jehova Jireh!! He is sooo faithful, even just look at the church, at the beginning of this year we did not have even a property… now there are the buildings and a great court, that we can even use for events!!

Family visitations… It amazes me how much it means to them when we eat their food. Easy way to bring joy and blessings. Nigerians are really hospitable people!! May God bless them!


Wedding anniversaries… Brett&Glory +Bell and Sam& Marian +Grace…. Both couple got married the last summer and God blessed them with beautiful babies…


With Niki and Jeni getting ready for the court wedding of Prince and Florance…. They have one more to go… On the 15th of August… please pray for them!!


And… on the 25th of July, after praying for a pretty long time about what God has for us, my amazing Solomon asked me to marry him… and I said yes. J So, all of you who were wondering what will happen with that relationship… God works in it and through it soo much. I`m so thankful for him and all the Lord is doing in my life using him! Please pray for us, as we seek the Lord according to the future. Right now we don’t have any specific plans. But I know we NEED God’s guidance, wisdom, love, grace, mercy, peace, protection, provision and His understanding in our relationship. He is the One who started it, and I know He is faithful and He will finish it as well!! Pray for the intercultural difficulties that it would be easy to learn and accept each others background and get a good understanding of it!! Thanks for all the encouragements, supports, prayers you given me!!!

Praise Him for:
- His protection and provision
- good health
- the rain and the cooler weather
- all He provided for the church… financially, new jobs for those who were looking for a while, for new lives,
- His Word He given us, and all the blessing that comes out of studying it!!
- for the Monday night prayer meetings… they are incredible blessings
- for Solomon and our engagement

Please pray for:
- the filling and leading of the Holy Spirit daily in my life!
- wisdom in the ministry, especially after Beth, Jeni and Niki leaves…what are the things God wants me to do extra than what I am already doing!!
- for the youth of Nigeria… they are soo lost, and corrupted
- for unity in the leadership
- provision for Prince&Flo, Joshua&Ele for their upcoming weddings
- leading and guiding in our relationship with Solomon… that may God be the center of it, and He would be glorified in all we do!! For both of us to fall in love with Jesus more and more every day!! For provision for him for a new job… He had to leave the old one he had…
- for the Hausa people…for salvation, and for me to be able to learn the language
- spiritual growth in the church!!
- protection in the marriages in the church
- provision for finishing construction projects in the church
-continues good health, protection form accidents as I take public transportation, and from sicknesses like malaria, typhoid, or anything else
- wisdom for me when people come to me with needs… what to do and how to pray for them!!

May the Lord God bless you and keep you in His perfect will!!

I love and appreciate all of you! Would be good to hear from you!!

In His perfect love and grace!!!


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