2008. november 17., hétfő

Update on my life!

“For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen.”
(Romans 11:36)

My dear Friends and Family!!!!

I know it’s been way too long since I wrote an update on what is going on in my life…what God is doing in my heart!! Soo much…

As all of you know I got back from Nigeria on the 27th of August. It took me at least a month before I could say I’m back…not completely, but able to function without thinking about Jikwoyi and all the people I left behind in Nigeria. Everyone told me I have changed and I’m not the same… God did a lot in me through that 2 months, so I was not surprised. But I didn’t think it would take that long to “get back” here. Slowly I let it happen. I allowed the Lord to use me here as He wants, and not to fight against His will. I figured out that He had a good reason to bring me back.

He gave me a promise for taking me back to my beloved Nigeria… He forgot to tell me when. J He is good like that sometimes. My heart calmed down since then, but the fire and the burden for the people of Nigeria still burns in me and makes me cry few times a week for them. If I just think of how they are starving for days sometimes… and we throw away food daily… My heart cries over and over again. I know the Lord gave me this burden. He calls me to go down there and love, care for His children. I know it’s not from me… I don’t think Nigeria is the country I would choose for myself to live in for any longer period of time of my life, but I want to be obedient and I want to serve Him as He asks me to. I know it won’t be easy and I will have time (as I had many times here in Vajta) when the only thing I can do is to remember that HE called me to do this and it wasn’t my own desire. I learned to do it here. I had many times when I wanted to give up, but God reminded me how HE brought me here, and in the same way He will show the time and the way to move on. SO I think the time is soon, only He knows how soon, but I hope and pray for January or February of 2009. I know it’s very soon. I have only a few months left here and have to do sooo much if that happens.

This last week we had a special week we call “speakers week”. We had Heather Mercer (missionary in Iraq), Kurt Kula (missionary in Poland) and Allen Rigg (pastor in Texas) as guest speakers and we held 3 sessions a day. I had the privilege to translate pastor Kurt who has served with his family in Poland for over 16 years now. (I think you can still download the teachings from the school website - www.ccbce.com, under speakers week). It was sooo good to see how the Lord put the whole week together. All the teachings were built upon each other but the teachers did not get any guidelines nor topics for the week. I love to see God’s Spirit moving in such a powerful way. The main themes were trust, faith, overcome fear and the love of God!!! I was so blessed. I don’t think I remember of any speakers week when God spoke to my heart at every session. He reminded me that He holds everything in His hands, He is faithful and nothing is impossible for Him. (Gen. 18:14. In Hungarian translation) As Abram was the only one in the whole Bible called as friend of God by God, He wants me to be His friend. And as Abraham did put all his faith and trust in HIM, He wants me to put all my trust in Him not questioning Him nor doubting Him. His hands are not too short to save, and to comfort. He knows all my fears, abilities and shortcomings I have and still He is the One who calls me to serve Him in a place I don’t think I have the strength, wisdom, abilities or courage to do so. BUT… He has and He wants me to depend completely on Him and His strength, His wisdom, His abilities, His power and His grace. So I try to do so daily… But I have to make a choice every morning that I will listen to Him and obey all He asks me or to that other voice which tries to destroy all God already did in my life.

Kurt had an example about being obedient. How one little choice I make can change the whole history. God does not need us but He wants to use us!! What a privilege my friends!!! One smile, one touch, few encouraging words can change soo much. It can change someone’s life and through that down the road after years can change whole nations!! So many times we don’t know how we effect others. I don’t know what God holds for me in Nigeria, but I know it is good because He is good! So please pray for my heart and for His perfect provision for me to be able to move there in His perfect timing.

Please pray for:
- have an open, sensitive heart for His Spirit’s leading!
- being available for Him as I serve Him daily!
- wisdom and strength while serving Him!
- God to prepare my heart for all He has for me, and He wants to use me for there
- my family that it would not be too hard on them and that they would understand why I’m doing this… especially for those who don’t know the Lord, that it would be something God would use to open their eyes!!!
- me to not to be anxious but able to wait for His perfect timing on everything!
- for His provision for moving down to Nigeria (churches or people who would support me, plane ticket, visas, finances to start life there)

Thank you sooo much for all your love, care, encouragements and support through these years I serve Him.

May He bless you in all you do for Him and keep you in His perfect will for your lives!
May all the glory be His!!!!!

Love in Him


Ps: If God leads you to support me in any way, please contact me for further information. Thanks!

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i'm so blessed to have such a wonderful sister and friend in you. may God continue to be "GOD" in your life, as He leads, strengthens, holds, provides... for your every need. continue to allow Him to reveal Himself through your life. many blessings.

all the very best in Jesus,