2008. október 28., kedd

God can use ANYTHING!!!!!!!

Some of you may remember that few years ago, I went to Kyrgyzstan for a outreach. I have a habit, wherever I go - and I have a chance - I buy a pair of earrings as a souvenir. They are small enough, if I have to move anywhere in the future I can take them with me, and don`t have to leave them behind... So on that trip I bought a pair of little simple earrings.
This past February I had to go to Szekesfehervar and do some official stuff for the school. We went to the TAX office with the girls. We had to wait for some work be down, so it was only us and few people left there because of the lunch break.
We had to use the restroom, and while I was waiting for the girls a lady turned to me. I never saw her before. She liked my earrings, and wanted to know where did I get them... Good question... Kyrgyzstan... Usually its not a place what any Hungarian knows to much about! So it caught her attention and we started a whole conversation about why did I go there, what mission trip means, what am I do then for living... I just shared basic facts of my live with her, and she thought it`s interesting... So she introduced herself to me. I found out she is a journalist for one of the biggest newspapers in Hungary. She asked for my phone# and told me she may call me, if that's OK with me and do and interview about my life! I gave my # to her, and thought that she won`t even have to leave that building and she won`t remember me... Because time passed by it seemed I was right... I did not even think about the whole situation anymore... BUT after a month or so I got a phone call... She asked me if I remember her, and is my offer still up for the interview or not! I was surprised, but said yes to her... and on the same weekend she was here in Vajta. I was really nervous about the whole thing, but God comforted me and kept telling me that is all about Him and He will give me the words.... And He did... We had an hour talk with her and the whole time every question she had went back to God and I could share the Gospel with her and many of those testimonies He done in my life!! She had to hurry, but the article she did on me got published like 2 weeks later... I was really surprised, because she did not cut out God of it, but started and finished the whole article with HIM. I was glad, but just could pray that the Lord will use this in her life to save her!!! She wrote me little later and told me that our talk effected her so much, and she is thinking of it a lot!!! So I promised her that when I got back from Nigeria I will call her and we can meet again and listen to all God done through the summer in and through me!!! After that I have not heard so much from her, but was praying for her.... While I was in Nigeria, I got an e-mail from her that she is praying for me!!!!! I was surprised and knew I have to see her after I got back!!! That happened yesterday!!! She came with her daughter and we had a great time!! All the girls at the office and few friends of mine were praying for her salvation!!! After more than 1,5 hours of I talking, she wanted to tell me something as well!! She shared with me that after the interview she could not let those things go I told her. She got a book from her Mom which was all about JESUS. While she was reading it she remembered the things I shared about my life and how the only way worth to live is for and by Jesus!!! She realized that for her whole life she prayed to the wrong person... She gave her life to the Lord and now she feels: "I`m in love with Jesus".... I`m too!!! I love Him sooo much and can`t believe how He can use the smallest things in our lives to save others!! We just have to be open and willing to be used by Him...for His glory!!! He is sooooo faithful to do the rest, all the talk, the situations, preparing the others heart... He wants us to be ready... always... available for Him!! He wants to use all of us, and have this kind of stories to share with others!!
So we have a new sister in the Lord and I can`t do anything just praise Him for her!!!
May the Lord bless you and use you for His glory!!!
Love you all!

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Amber Lea írta...

WOW! that is awesome! praise the Lord! thank you for sharing!!!!!
LOVE you!

Jaime írta...

What an amazing and encouraging story! So glad you shared it! :)