2008. október 8., szerda

Pics from Slovenia

Here are some pics from the weekend.... they are in backwards in time.... sorry for that...
Hope you enjoy them!!
God bless you!
Love you! Up in the mountains!!! Gourgeous
More of the beauty!!!
With Lynn at the waterfall!!
It was freezing first... before the walk!
The entrace of the park!
Little village at night... I love how the churches are lit up everywhere!
I just love that truth!! They were soo cute @ their first dance!!
Erin & Justin Gerry!! So beautiful!
My beloved brother in law.... Neil
One of the postcard... God is an amazing painter!
With Lynn and Jeni!!! Love them!
One more postcard!!! :)
I just liked the decoration!
Mr & Mrs. Justin Gerry!
Just me... enjoying the beauty of this place!
I love this picture of Lynn!! So beautiful!I loved my traveling partners!! Lisa, Caryn, Lynn and Lori!! Thanks guys!
I like this one.... it was an accident! :)
Getting ready for the wedding.... Withney, Lynn and Ales
I had no clue yet what is coming!!... It was so pretty!!
We missed Caryn.... Fun times!
I liked the little presshouse among the leaves!

At the service while waiting for fixing the car!
Me and the ladies!!! Lori, Lisa, Caryn and Lynn!!! Thank you god for this great weekend!! You are sooooo awesome!!!!

4 megjegyzés:

Amber Lea írta...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting pictures! what beautiful postcard pictures! seriously! God is such an artist! Thank you again! made my night! love you!

Osipowicz Éva írta...

Szia Ági!

Nagyon szépek a képek! Ha van több az esküvőről, szivesen megnézném őket!!!

Marus írta...

Szia Ági!
Nagyon nagyon szépek a képek! Jól sejtettem, hogy Szlovénia gyöngyörű!
Puszi! Marcsi

MB írta...

Hey friend!

I'm glad you got to go to the wedding. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

I love hearing from you.