2009. február 14., szombat

Please pray for the team!

My dear Friends and Family!!

I would like to ask you to pray for the team I will take to Nigeria for the 10 days outreach!
We have the final-date to sign up tomorrow. I already reserved the ticket and we have to pay for them in the following days. Please pray for all the bank transfering to be ok, that we can get our invitation letter send fine to the Nigerian embassy, have no any side-effects with the shots the team-members have to take, have all the financal things be provided according to God`s will and have all the preparation work go smooth and well!!

Please pray for my visa, what is different from the students, and need some extra papers and time as well to get it! Please pray that I/ we find favor in the eyes of the goverment and the visas will be issued soon and without any problems!

Other than that I want to say thank you for your encouragments and love you shown me through this last weeks!! Thanks for being there for me! Few of you asked about supporting me... right now I don`t have any account in the States set up yet on my name, but I try to work on it, so you can pray for that prosses as well!!

Please let me know how can I pray for you and how are you doing!! It`s always joy to hear from all of you!!

I love you and miss you all!!
May the Lord be glorified and may He bless you in all you do!!
In His love and grace!!!


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