2008. augusztus 31., vasárnap

Back from Nigeria!

My dear Family and Friends!!!

Yes, I got back safe from Nigeria… at least by body is back… the big part of my heart stayed there with the people in the church. It was one of the best 2 months of my life! God might be glorified! He is soooo faithful and sooo good!!!! He taught me so much and changed me in more ways than I ever thought I can be changed. He challenged me in many areas and healed many wounds I had in me from my past, I never was able to let go. He had to take me back third times there to work it out in my heart. He gave me many amazing people He used for that process. I’m soo thankful for each of them as well as I’m very thankful for all of YOU who were with me the whole time in prayers and in my heart!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! I know I could not be able to do it without those prayers.. God listened and answered all of them I think… if not so, He had a reason why not! He knows the very best for us, and He will allow us to choose to trust Him with it, trust Him in every part of our life!!!

Soo, what happened in the last 2 weeks? We had a team from Corvallis with us for 3 weeks… They were absolutely a blessing for us, for the church in Jikwoyi (Pastor Prince’s church), and in “One-man-village” (Pastor Godfrey’s church) and down in Ibadan ( Pastor Abiodun’s church) where Brett and Glory moved after their wedding! They did VBS in all places and orphanage ministry, we held a women conference for two days, what was a blessing. Beth stayed with the team most of the time, I stayed home and did my daily things, helping the team here and there!! The Sunday before they left, before service one of the girls from the team had some allergies - they still have no clue for what- and got into an anaphylaxis shock. I saw she is not feeling well and wanted to send her home with someone to rest… and when we almost were ready to go, she lost her strength and within few minutes she got into a stage her pupils were dilated, not reacting to light… I just prayed and tried to bring her back and keep contact with me… I heard Prince started to pray and few sec later her conscious was back, but she wasn’t stable. God provided a car with a Muslim driver, who drove us back to the house, we got an Epi-pen -we never had to use- and got to the hospital. She got some steroids, after 3 hours felt better, and got released from the hospital… I was walking back, when Prince called that she got worst in the car, turn around!! We did and I spent the next almost whole 2 days in hospitals. She did not want me to leave.. So I slept - not really- in her bad holding her, while she was fighting through the drugs and the side effects that her body give to them. If that was the only reason I was there for two months I know God did it. She got transported to a big National hospital, and straight from there to the airport… It was really a special time for me, to learn Who is the BOSS!! He is so faithful and has a reason with everything. Amy is back to the States safe and feels so much better!!!! Praise GOD!! And this is only one of the great stories He done there!! He is soo good, and really does not want anything else from us, just to be willing to do whatever He asks… even if it’s a small thing, or can be as big as I think I can`t do it… He knows… and He cares soooo much!!! It was hard to say good byes to everyone… I hate good byes…


He is so faithful!! Really it feels the time I was there is so much shorter.. In many ways… and so much longer, because of all the things He has done. I attended 3 weddings and took photos for them, moved into new apartment, saw people got healed, physically, spiritually… saw what life really looks like there, facing with all I was soo scared of before I left and even more, and see God’s grace and faithfulness through the whole time! See His heart towards me and the way He sees me, that I never was able to see before. Someone told me yesterday that not the same Agi came back from Africa that left… I think is true. But God is not done yet with me…

Please pray -that I can keep all I learned while I was there.
-I can fall in love with God even more, seek Him, spend time with Him as I was able to do every day through the time there. I don’t want to loose that.
- for my heart, that I will be able to focus on what He has for me for now.
- for leading and guiding for me, according His will for me to go back or not
- for His heart for me… that I will be able to love the way He asks me to
-for provision if is His will for me to go back - in every way… my heart, my spirit, my finances. That he would guide me, protect me and prepare me… if is His will for me, and prepare the ministry there for me as well
-for His grace and mercy upon my life for the next semester, that I would be a good tool in His hands, and willing to do whatever He asks me to do… be available for Him to use me for His glory!!!
- for those who I had to leave behind, and missing me- mostly for Beth, because she will stay for another 10 months in Abuja…for God’s grace, wisdom, love and understanding for her and if is possible an other lady who can serve alongside her

Thank you again for all your prayers, encouragement, support you give me!! I love you and appreciate you all sooo much!!

May the Lord bless you and keep you in all you do!!!

Isaiah 55:8-9

Love you all with His love


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