2008. július 30., szerda

News from Agi from Nigeria #2

Dear Friends and Family!!!

I can’t really believe it, but a half of my time is gone! It seems like I got here yesterday, but the same time is like I’m here for months. The Lord done so much and I know that He did not stop it yet. He still has many things stored up for this time while I’m here.
I don’t think I have the time to write down everything that happened. I just give you some info in nutshell and I will summaries the whole time I had here when I got home.
I really miss all of you soo much. If you think of me and have some time to call I have a # you can reach me any time. The time zone is the same as London. It means one hour behind Budapest time. From the States is depends where are you from. Anyway the # is: +234-805-422-5986.
The last 2 weeks we been really busy with all the wedding preparation and church programs as well. I have been doing the nursing ministry every Monday and Saturday… this last one I missed it because of the wedding. I did not have too many people but all who came was a blessing. Honestly first I got disappointed, but the Lord showed me that the only thing matters to Him is my heart. Not the number of people who shows up, or I ‘m able to help them or not, but that I’m willing to do whatever He asked me to, and if is only one person who shows up, and I can pray with them and encourage them that all matters to Him. HE is really teaching me of the matter of heart, how much He is not interested in anything else but my motives, and the heart behind them. I can do everything for people to show them how great and spiritual I’m, but He knows what is behind, where my heart is, and He wants my heart, not anything else. I love to do things for Him, but he wants my heart …completely.
I had to teach this Sunday the kids class… honestly it is a challenge for me, it’s hard to find the exact words they will understand and the examples they would get… I had to teach on Mark 4: 30-34. It’s blows my mind that without a Bible how they are memorizing weekly their verses and able to quote the next week or weeks later. I wish my mind would work that way. I really enjoy to be in the kids class thought. I learn so much of them.
My favorite time still the Sunday morning worship. I love worship here, they really do praise and worship the Lord with their whole heart. I’m learning so much from the members of the church. I wish you all could meet them and get to know them. Some amazing children of our Heavenly Father.
The wedding was very nice… the only thing it was in “African timing”. That means we started 3 hour later then the original time. We ordered a van for 6 o’clock that we go ahead and decorate the place… the van got here little bit after 10:00. I really learn to trust in the Lord even in the small things here. That EVERYTHING is in His hands and happens in His perfect timing. I was the official photographer of the wedding, what I really enjoyed even that meant to be on my feet all they long.
The orphanage ministry got skipped again because of the wedding. I miss the kids, they are so cute. I love them.
I don’t want to make you bored and read a book… I will finish up soon.
Please pray:
- for me to grow in His grace and love and mercy and be able to love all He brings into my way
- for me to be a light for those who are in the darkness, and a good tool in His hands
- For the Lord’s leading in all I do
- For sensitivity for His Spirit’s leading
- for the kids ministry for all ages
- for the upcoming women conference
- for the team that arrives Thursday from Corvallis and their time here
- for the medical ministry to be useful for His glory
- for unity in the missionary team here
- for wisdom for the leadership
- for growth and strengthening among the youth that the Lord will rise up leaders
- for me to be a blessing to the church while I’m here
- for me to be moldable in His hands and willing to do whatever He asks me to!!
- For all of you who are far from me but close to my heart… be blessed by His richness of His grace and mercy, and growing in His love

Thank you for all your prayers, support and encouragement!! Thank you for being a part of my life and loving me!

God bless you beyond your dreams!!!

Love in Him!!

Isaiah 55:8-9, Ex. 14:13-14

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