2008. március 21., péntek

News about Nigeria!

As most of you know the last October God took me back to Africa, to Abuja, Nigeria. It was my second time there and the Lord showed me that it was not the last one! I talked with Phil, who is my pastor and with Prince who is the pastor of the church there. Surprisingly both of them were fine with my idea of -if the Lord leads and provides- coming back for not only a week or two, but for a longer period of time, like 2-3 months. According to my schedule here at the Bible College the only time for that is during the summer, when we don`t have the school, but we provide facility for conferences. After I got back from Abuja my emotions cooled down a little, and I started to see more clearly the whole situation... Of course the same time I allowed to the enemy to whisper his lies into my ears, and started to let fear, scepticism and disbelieve overcome my heart. Before the semester started I was at the point when I intentionally avoided all my thoughts and desires in this matter. I thought that all that came only from my fleshly desires and honestly I had fears and scary thoughts about it... like: Am I really able to do that? Do I gonna be a good example of my Lord? Can I take 2 months with rain and bugs? Is it really God`s will for me or just my dream? Can I minister to those women and kids the way they deserve it? and I could go on and on and on. If we don`t watch out our enemy will find every opportunity to discourage us and turn us away from God`s will, that He has for our lives. Anyway... God did not let me be stuck in that place... as His word says in 2. Cor. 3:17 "Where is the Spirit of the Lord, there is freedom." and He gives that for us. Anyway... He had to nail me to my bed to finally listen to Him again! I got a really bad bronchitis like 3 weeks ago and I couldn't get out my bed. If you know me just a little, you know that is the worst punishment I can get... The Lord knew it and He did it! For like 2-3 days I was just fighting against the whole things... against Him. After that I realized that its a great opportunity to listen to some teachings and read my books. And I did so... but "surprisingly" everything was about walking in His will, being obedient to Him, do whatever He asks me to do, if He calls He will protect and provide and He will bless me and make me a blessing for others by His hands. Then one day one of my friend called me to ask for permission to visit me! (hahaha... I`m so scary that you need permission to see me! :-( ) While she was on her way to my room, I heard the Lord's voice saying: "I have your ticket to Nigeria" I tried to avoid it, but I remembered it. She got there and I could see that she is very exited for some reason. She surprised me, didn't shock me, because the Lord just told me few minutes before... Someone called her that they want to pay for my ticket to Nigeria. And from that on everything is crazy... I found out that Beth S. one of ex-CCA teachers is going for a year and Prince is praying for to come for the Foundation conference, that means that my fear to travel alone was all for nothing! God pays attention to the smallest details! Still I need bunch of things to be ready to go, but I`m planing to leave on the 26th of June and stay for 2 months.

Please pray for me and for this whole summer! God is faithful and soooo good! And He is doing a new thing every single day!! It is a privilege to be a part of it!!!!

May the Lord bless you in all you do!

If you have any question feel free to ask!

Love you

At the orphanage in Abuja

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