2008. március 20., csütörtök

I try it!

The past months I found myself that I had not enough time to update everyone by writing newsletter, and not even mention personal mails. I though I will try this out and will see how it works... or not. :)
I will try to catch up with all the Lord done in the past few months in my life... He really did a lot and don`t think so that I can share all with you... I could, but you would be bored and i don`t want that.
For now.... He done a miracle again yesterday. I had an operation and I never felt bigger peace in my life then during the day waiting for the event and after the result and the time to leave the hospital.
Thank you for all your prayers and encouragment you given me through this days. I do feel them and know that the Lord is answering all of your prayers you said for me!
Please keep praying because the doc found something, behind the polyp he saw before and he does not know yet what is it... Hopefully I will have an answer by next thursday. I have a supernatural peace about it, but I know myself! Please pray that I won`t give in to the enemy`s lies - it`s so easy to do. I want to trust Him and even this time of my life bring glory to Him, because He is worthy for all our praises and glory and honor!!! He is soooo good and faithful!
May the Lord GOD bless you and keep you in His perfect will!!
Love you

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